Dry Skin Care

Skin treatment tips:

  1. Wash your skin with a gentle cleanser such as Dove® sensitive skin, CeraVe®, Cetaphil® or Vanicream™. If skin is severely flared, you can just use plain water (applying cleanser only to underarms and privates). Avoid extremely hot water as this can dry out the skin.
  2. Pat your skin dry.
  3. Immediately (within three minutes) apply a gentle moisturizing cream or ointment (NOT lotion) to all of your skin:

Creams                                    Ointments

Cetaphil® cream                        Petroleum jelly (e.g., Vaseline® ointment)

Vanicream™ skin cream            Vaniply®

AVEENO® cream                      Aquaphor®

CeraVe® cream                        WaxeleneTM

  1. Reapply moisturizer at least once more daily.
  2. Avoid use of alcohol on the skin.

Additional tips for patients with sensitive skin:

  1. Use a detergent that does not contain fragrances (e.g., All® Free and Clear, Tide® Free & Gentle, etc.)
  1. Avoid dryer sheets. These tend to have a lot of fragrances.

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