Acne is a common ailment that can run the spectrum—from mild and annoying to severe, painful and scarring.

At VibrantSkin Dermatology and Laser, our goal is to catch acne early and prevent scarring. We offer proven treatment options from topical to oral medications to chemical peels and more. Many of the medications prescribed by Dr. Buster are dispensed directly from our office—saving you time and money.

If scarring has already developed, the good news is Dr. Buster can treat that too!

Here are some simple tips that can be beneficial for acne patients:

  • Wash your face twice daily. Gentle cleansers will get the job done without drying out your skin. This is particularly important if you are using drying acne treatments.
  • Be sure anything you apply to your face (cleanser, make-up, moisturizer, etc.) is “non-comedogenic.” This means it won’t clog your pores. Many over-the-counter products display this term on the label.

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