Dr. Buster performs microneedling for facial and body rejuvenation as well as to treat hair loss.

Prior to microneedling, a topical numbing cream is applied thus the procedure generally involves little discomfort. We also have “laughing gas” available for  those who elect to add this and it helps increase patient relaxation and comfort.

Microdermabrasion involves the use of a small paddle-like device to remove surface skin cells. This is sometimes utilized prior to microneedling (aka microchannelling).

Microneedling (microchannelling) involves use of tiny needles to make shallow holes (channels) in your skin. This allows for up to 300% increased absorption of serums. Depth and density of treatment is based on your specific skin needs. Throughout treatment a serum composed of skin proteins (cytokines) derived from stem cells is applied or the microneedling is followed by superficial injections of platelet rich plasma (PRP). The array of topically applied proteins or injected platelets and growth factors support collagen production and allow safe and effective augmentation of all phases of healing in the treated skin stimulating it to regenerate stronger and healthier than before.

Dr Buster usually performs treatments every 2 to 6 weeks until goal is reached. Collagen remodeling occurs over 3 to 6 months, but patients usually see improvements in their skin within days to weeks of treatment.

Not only do we have serum for collagen stimulation, but we also have hair growth factor serum to help treat hair loss and stimulate hair growth. (See final photo below.) When treating hair loss with microneedling and growth factor serum, Dr. Buster typically treats every 2 to 4 weeks, with patient specific timing depending on a number of factors.

Another option to treat hair loss that she combines with microneedling involves harnessing the power of your own growth factors: platelet rich plasma (PRP). One benefit of PRP is the platelets and growth factors are “fresh” since they are removed via blood draw immediately prior to treatment. In addition, since they Dr. Buster injects the PRP, she is able to deliver all of those platelets and growth factors right where they are needed–in the dermis. However, for those who prefer to avoid a blood draw or who are otherwise not candidates for PRP, microneedling followed by application of our growth factor serums (for skin or hair) still gives patients a clinically beneficial option to improve their skin and/or treat their hair loss.

Before and After 6 Monthly Procell Treatments
Before and After 4 Monthly Procell Treatments
Before and After 5 Monthly Procell Treatments

Before and After 6 and 5 Procell Treatments with Procell Hair Regrowth Solution (hair growth factors)

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