All medical/surgical office visits must be paid the same day at check out. Some planned larger procedures (including cosmetics) may be charged before services are rendered. We will not charge your card without first discussing your charges with you. Health savings accounts can also be used for non-cosmetic services. Some insurance companies may require a receipt with medical codes on it as proof of services.


We accept cash, debit cards (including HSA cards), and credit cards. We do not accept checks. 

Medical Visit Pricing


When you call to schedule, our staff will help estimate how much time you need and schedule you accordingly. Scheduled appointment lengths are estimates–your visit may be a bit longer or shorter based on your needs. Charges for your visit(s) are based on the actual time you spend with Dr. Buster.


We have twelve (12) medical visits based on time. Prices include simple procedures such as curetting small benign lesions (e.g., warts). Most patient visits are between 15 and 30 minutes. Full-body skin exams typically require 20 to 30 minutes.


Minutes Fee   Minutes Fee
5 $50 35 $220
10 $75 40 $250
15 $100 45 $280
20 $130 50 $320
25 $160 55 $360
30 $190 60 $400


*There is a 15 minute minimum ($100) for a skin biopsy/shave removal. Two or more shave biopsies/removals are charged $130 minimum.


**Cryosurgery (“freezing”) incurs an additional $20 charge for the liquid nitrogen. This includes any amount of cryosurgery. Similarly, steroid injections incur a $10 charge for the steroid and related supplies (regardless of number of injections).


Examples of typical 5 minute visits (up to 5 minutes):


  • Check of one mole that is being monitored
  • Check of one spot of concern


Examples of visits that may be 10 minutes (6-10 minutes):


  • Recheck of a chronic rash (e.g., eczema) that is doing well on topical treatment
  • Mild acne follow-up


Examples of visits that may be 15 minutes (11-15 minutes):


  • Follow-up of a rash that is not responding to treatment
  • One new localized rash
  • Several spots of concern


Examples of visits that may be 20 minutes (16-20 minutes):


  • Upper body skin exam
  • Established patient on medication(s) requiring extensive monitoring and/or counseling


Examples of visits that may be 25 minutes or longer (21+ minutes):


  • Extensive rash
  • Multiple skin concerns
  • Detailed discussions
  • Full body skin exam


Cosmetic Services Pricing


Cosmetic Consult $190


Up to 30 minute consultation includes exam of area(s) of concern, complexion analysis analysis, and tailored treatment plan. Consult fee goes towards any cosmetic service(s) rendered the same day or scheduled for and initiated/completed within 1 month of consult. At your consult or shortly after, we provide detailed pricing information for each component of the treatment plan developed specifically for you.


CoolSculpting Consult 


Brief (5 minute) CoolSculpting Consults are complimentary. Such consults focus only on CoolSculpting. 


Surgery Visit Pricing

Dr. Buster or her staff will generally tell you which surgery slot is most likely going to fit your surgical need; however, surgery time cannot always be precisely predicted ahead of time and may be longer than anticipated. In such cases patients agree to pay the balance the day of surgery at time of check out.

Surgery Fee
Simple Level 1 $150
Simple Level 2 $200
Standard Level 1 $350
Standard Level 2 $500
Standard Level 3 $700
Standard Level 4 $1000

Simple Surgery example(s): Destruction of one to two skin cancer(s) or very small excision requiring only 1-3 stitches to close.

Standard Surgery example(s):

  • Level 1: Excision of a cyst or a small skin cancer and repair with stitches.
  • Level 2: Excision of a medium-sized benign lesion or skin cancer and repair with stitches; may also apply to excision of 2 lesions and repair of each with stitches. Some ear split repairs (including both ears).
  • Level 3: Excision of a large benign lesion or skin cancer and repair with stitches; may also apply to excision of 2 lesions and repair of each with stitches. Some ear split repairs (including both ears).
  • Level 4:  Ear gauge repairs (including both ears), earlobe reduction (both ears).


Other Charges

At VibrantSkin Dermatology and Laser we dispense many of the medications Dr. Buster prescribes directly from our office in order to conveniently provide you with affordable prescriptions. We know that there will be instances in which we do not dispense the medication(s) needed for your condition. In that case we will search for the best price for you locally and provide you with coupons (if helpful) with the goal of getting the medication(s) at a reasonable cost.

If you have private insurance and wish to use it for any prescriptions, we’re happy to oblige by sending the prescription to the pharmacy of your choice. If, however, your insurance requires a prior authorization (a “PA”) Dr. Buster will typically find an alternative medication for you. If you prefer to have us complete the PA, we charge a nominal fee for the additional time needed to complete that paperwork.

Prior Authorization

  • Non-biologic medication PAs: $25
  • Biologic medication PAs: $50

Other Paperwork

  • Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), cancer policy forms, etc.: $25
  • Coded receipt: $5
    • Dr. Buster will only use codes if coded receipt requested. Dr. Buster must look them up to provide them for you.
    • There is no charge for an itemized receipt without codes.
  • Completed CMS 1500 form: $25

Pathology Services 

  • $75 per specimen in most cases.

Patch Testing

Standard patch testing series, which includes the three to four Patch Test Visits, is $750 including all patches and all patch test visits, but NOT including the initial consult. 

Please click here to visit our patch testing page for more information.

At VibrantSkin Dermatology and Laser, it is our goal to get back to the basics—a doctor patient relationship that allows us to customize a treatment plan that we believe is best for you without hindrance of third parties (e.g., insurance companies, employers, government, etc.). Providing direct care to you cuts costs, provides transparency, and simplifies medical care for the patient and physician. It also means we can get you an appointment quickly–usually within 1 week of your call for an appointment. Similar to hotel booking, appointments missed without 24-hours notice may result in a “no show” fee. One exception to this is an emergency and these are determined on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of our office. Please arrive on time for your appointment.

Please note that prices are subject to change at any time without notice.

A Note on Medicare

Patients on Medicare (including supplements) who want to be seen at VibrantSkin Dermatology and Laser must sign a private contract with Dr. Buster as required by the U.S. government. This can be done ahead of time (printed from website by clicking here or via the patient portal here) or upon arrival for appointment.

Notice of Services

All patients seen at VibrantSkin should review and sign our Notice of Services prior to/at their first appointment. This can be reviewed and printed here and you can bring a signed copy to your first appointment or you can sign one upon your arrival.

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